Launch of the Trustworthy Software Foundation (TSFdn)


During the 5 year period (2011-2016) of the UK’s first National Cyber Security Programme (NCSP), the Trustworthy Software Initiative (TSI) was established and funded to coalesce ad hoc activity across 5 Facets of Trustworthy Software (Safety – Reliability – Availability – Resilience – Security [SRARS]) into a single management focus, and address aspects of Multinational Trustworthy Software Roadmap of highest priority to the UK.
Its major milestones have included the publication of BS PAS754:2014, and development of Reference Curricula and supporting materials for Education and Training.

Today saw the Launch of  an independent, not-for-profit, Trustworthy Software Foundation (TSFdn), sponsored by relevant Professional Bodies to continue with the support and evolution of outputs that were initiated by the predecessor TSI.

The TSFdn will continue to be based at the Cyber Security Centre of the University of Warwick, and will be led by a Chief Operating and Technical Officer (COTO), Ian Bryant, who was the former Technical Director of TSI.

In addition to the sponsoring Professional Bodies, TSFdn will continue to work with a cross-section of stakeholders through the existing Advisory Committee on Trustworthy Software (ACTS), which will continue to be chaired by Sir Edmund Burton, and will operate Working Groups to engage with particular stakeholder interests.

Published: 6 April 2016