What is Trust

I was discussing with a colleague Luc Poulin about trust in software, how it can be considered trustworthy and whether software can have trustworthiness.

Surprisingly, he came back to me and asked what is trustworthiness, apparently in the French language the word does not actually exist, there are words that might be considered as synonyms but no direct translation. I suspect this might be true of some other languages as well.

This has led to some quite interesting conversations with other third parties, particularly when we try to use these definitions in relation to software and software systems.

We have been working on a project to try and define these three simple words in terms of software and software systems, that would be acceptable to a UK, European and World audience.

We will shortly be releasing a discussion document, to explain our thoughts on the subject and asking people for thier views on what is trust, trustworthy and trustworthiness.