Ministry of Defense

The Ministry of Defense uses the Bronze Level BS10754 verification system.

The MOD scheme details can be found in the following PDF.

You will then need to fill in a self-assessment questionnaire. You will need to ensure you comply with all of the assessment to qualify to supply the MOD. This questionnaire can be downloaded as a PDF.

Depending on the size of your organisation you will need to attach payment details as defined in this PDF.

Once completed you must send us your signed self-assessment application and the relevant payment to us at Trustworthy Software Foundation, Boundary House, Boston Road. W7 2QE.

Will will double check you application and if all correct add you to the MOD register and sned you your certificate.

The Ministry of Defense maintains it’s public list of verified suppliers at the following link.

For details of our GDPR for this scheme, please click here.

For our Liability Statement click here.