TS Essentials: Specification document

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Our daily lives, our businesses and our safety are increasingly reliant on software – software that we need to do what it’s supposed to do, when it’s supposed to do it. This is Trustworthy Software. However, time and costs are also critical to a successful business, so it’s important that operational measures are pragmatic, appropriate and cost effective.

“Trustworthy Software Essentials” (TSE) is a baseline approach, to complement the more exhaustive Framework defined in PAS754:2014, which provides a way to ensure that the software we use daily is sufficiently trustworthy for purpose whilst minimising effort and costs required to implement.

This document provides a specification for the Trustworthy Software Essential (TSE) controls that should be adopted by organisations in order to ensure the trustworthiness of the software they produce, procure or use.  It is intended as essential reading for those in the organisation responsible for implementing the decision to adopt trustworthy software, and is applicable to organisations of all sizes who either: