• Microsoft Windows  Vulnerability

    Microsoft Windows Vulnerability

    A recent article by ARS Technica shows how a critical vulnerability in Microsoft Windows was exploited by Russian hackers. The hackers used the vulnerability to gain system privileges and install additional malware. The vulnerability was not patched until October 2022, even though Microsoft knew about it since at least 2020. Microsoft has not publicly disclosed…

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  • Trustworthy Standards

    Trustworthy Standards

    John Ellis and Luc Poulin (both of the TSF) are attending the ISO/IEC JTC 1/WG 13 in Stockholm, Sweden. Part of this meeting is to agree the progression of PWI 9814 to become a full project for ISO. Luc is the Author and Jinghua Min Co-Author along with the rest of the group have worked…

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  • GigaByte Backdoor Madness

    GigaByte Backdoor Madness

    Gigabyte, a prominent motherboard manufacturer, has come under scrutiny for shipping several motherboard models with an alarming firmware backdoor. This revelation has sent shockwaves through the software industry, particularly among professionals who prioritize trustworthy software. In a recent report, security researchers uncovered the presence of a covert vulnerability in the firmware of Gigabyte motherboards. This…

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  • What is Trust

    What is Trust

    I was discussing with a colleague Luc Poulin about trust in software, how it can be considered trustworthy and whether software can have trustworthiness. Surprisingly, he came back to me and asked what is trustworthiness, apparently in the French language the word does not actually exist, there are words that might be considered as synonyms…

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  • Luc Poulin Joins the Team

    Luc Poulin Joins the Team

    Dr Luc Poulin has become the Trustworthy Software Foundations representative to the BSI’s ICT/003 commitee. Luc is a doctor of engineering and an experienced standards expert and he is commiteed to the support our aims in BS10754. He is currently lead on the ISO committee PWI9814 on Trustworthy Software.

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